Rent a HEPA Air Scrubber in Wichita KS

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Serving Wichita KS and surrounding areas.

Red Sky Rentals provides comprehensive equipment rental solutions for all of your immediate disaster, water damage and fire restoration needs in Wichita KS service areas. Our portable air scrubbers are ideal for homeowners and contractors dealing with the effects of fire, smoke or water damage.

Fire, flood, mold and similar disasters can often release harmful contaminants into the air before and during restoration activities. Red Sky Rentals’ HEPA Air Scrubbers can safely and effectively remove these contaminants to keep you and those important to you safe.

Our powerful HEPA Air Scrubbers and High Velocity Negative Air Machines are designed for maximum air filtration to quickly and effectively remove contaminants such as smoke and smoke odors, drywall dust, dirt, asbestos fibers, metal fumes, paint and varnish odors, as well as bacteria and gases.



Location: 1412 Wichita Ave.
Wichita, KS 67028


License Number: 220517#1


Typical Job Costs$500 – 5,000
We’re proud to provide superior quality Hepa Air Scrubber solutions due to water, smoke, fire, odor & mold damage to homeowners & contractors, for the absolute lowest prices in the industry!


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